Friday, March 23, 2007

All under one roof

Parents of young children typically have a hell of a time looking after the kids, while balancing mid-career workloads. So they end up spending lots of money on day care, nannies, etc. Yet, in many cases, their own parents would gladly take over, at least for short periods. This seems like a double payoff: the work gets done and the person doing it enjoys it.

One way to make this happen more would be to think up a new kind of old-fashioned family home. Have grandma in her own mini "in-law" unit, so you can meet every day,or at least very often. But, crucially, make sure that physically and psychologically there's just enough distance to stop it feeling like a re-run of the kids teenage years.

Would this be so hard to achieve? I don't think so. We just need some creativity to re-imagine this most ancient of set-ups in a new way. Any ideas?

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