Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baker has to go

How can this guy be a column writer for the Times?

So we are about to witness something extraordinary. America ... is about to have the most left-wing government in what used to be called the industrialised world. ... In Europe, Conservatives rule in Germany France and Italy, and despite the miraculous recent apparitions of the Dark Lord Mandelson of the Manipulative Genius and Saint Gordon of Perpetual Financial Succour, the Tories still look likely to take over within the next two years. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, a fully Democratic Government will take office with a domestic agenda that would make European hearts pine nostalgically: huge expansion of healthcare; a vast programme of public investment in modern energy technologies; a liberalising social agenda to be pursued, as is now customary, through stacking the courts with politically activist judges.

Anyone who's spent any time in any of these countries, or even just reads the newspapers would know that nothwithstanding the fact that the Democrats are to the left of the Republicans, there's no way an Obama government would be more left wing than the Merkel government in Germany or even a Tory government here. This is just stupid.

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