Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Looting Continues

I'm astonished by the subdued public response to the extraordinary events of recent times: we have been, and are being, looted on a scale hitherto unheard of in peacetime.

Two excellent posts from econ blogs do a brilliant job of explaining what's gong on.

First, this is a great post on the AIG situation by Yves Smith. Smith is ex-Goldman, ex-McKinsey and was head of M&A at Sumitomo, so is no pinko:

Next, Steve Waldmann looks at the implications of the bailout more generally:

His discussion of what government investment means is superb: the bailout is a disaster for all of us even if it turns a slight profit. And the distributional consequences - bad as they already are - may get a lot worse.

I don't really have anything to add except a question: why aren't people enraged by all this? It's not hard to get a sense of roughly what's going on, is it?

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